Refrigerator Lock Boxes-Perfect for Home and Professional Settings

Posted by Michael Roche on Jul 13th 2020

A refrigerator lockbox is a small-to-medium size box made of food-grade acrylic materials designed to be fitted in a traditional refrigerator compartment. These are lockable units that allow you to store medicines alongside other items without fear they may get contaminated or spoilt. Refrigerator lockboxes are essential tools for medical hospitals, schools, clinics, and homes. Some of the items that may be stored in the safe boxes include insulin, injections, antibiotic liquids, eye drops, and creams. However, not every one of these types of medicines should be kept in cold storage. Your pharmacist or doctor should advise you when this is necessary. Also, Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) usually contains storage requirements for medicines.

Refrigerator Lockbox

Why would you need a refrigerator lockbox?

There is no denying that we live in an age when each one of us is fighting one ailment or the other. Therefore, you will likely have some of the drugs that need cold storage in your clinic, school medical department, or home. Some of these drugs' shelf life depends on storage conditions that can be enhanced using a refrigerator lock box fitted in your usual fridge. Omnimed’s lockboxes allow you to control access to your medicine since they are lockable (both with a key and combo option). According to, it is improper to store drugs in the bathroom, on a window sill, or other locations where they may be exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture or excess light, and a refrigerator helps you avoid these and more. The refrigerator lock boxes sold by Omnimed have an added layer of security, since they are pre-drilled they allow the consumer to install on the underside of wire, cabinets, and glass shelves. Are you looking to separate insulin from other medicine without buying a whole new fridge? Some refrigerator lockboxes have double compartments with a different key style ensuring everything stays in its dedicated place. This is especially useful for clinics with several types of refrigerated medicine.

Refrigerator lockbox designs

While the design does not affect the functionality of the boxes, it is crucial, depending on your use case and preference. Double compartments are excellent if you store different types of medicine, while single compartment boxes are most suited for homes with a few drugs to store. A translucent box made of ABS plastic comes handy when you want to confirm your medicine without opening the whole lot. However, this can bring a privacy issue for homes, in which case Omnimed’s latest design our aluminum lockbox (Opaque) box can serve the purpose just right.