Terms & Conditions

Terms: Net 30 days

Freight & Handling: Prepaid and added to invoice. Ground, international, parcel post and priority mail shipments are subject to additional handling charges. Freight collect and third party billing subject to a $2.00 per package fee for US shipments and $10.00 per pallet fee for LTL shipments.

Prices: Subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.

Account Establishment: To establish an open account please send a credit reference   including bank and trade information with your initial order. You can avoid delays by including payment or by using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express for orders. Inactive accounts over one year can re-establish open account status by supplying updated credit information. First time   customers and customers re-establishing an account must use credit card or check-in-advance for first order.

Repairs: On goods returned for repair, refinishing or adjustment, transportation charges both ways are to be paid by the purchaser. Customers will be contacted on the appropriate repair charges upon receipt of product.

Special Orders: Any products custom fabricated to your specifications which are not shown as standard catalog items may require a deposit. Custom orders must be confirmed in writing and are not returnable.

Redesign: We reserve the right to redesign or modify any product.

Damaged Goods: Our merchandise is carefully packed and thoroughly inspected before leaving our plant. Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier upon acceptance of the shipment. Claims for loss or damage sustained in transit must, therefore, be made upon the carrier, as follows: Concealed Loss or Damage: Concealed loss or damage means loss or damage which does not become apparent until the product has been unpacked. The contents may be damaged in transit due to rough handling even though the carton may not show external damage. When the damage is discovered upon unpacking, SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIAL. Make a written request for inspection by the carrier’s agent within 2 days of the delivery date and file a claim with the carrier. By following these instructions carefully, we guarantee our full support of your claim to protect you against loss from concealed damage. However, if the claim is denied due to the consignee’s failure to comply with the claim procedure herein outlined, the consignee will be held liable for the damaged or lost merchandise. No credit will be issued. If necessary, contact Omnimed, Inc. at 800.257.2326 for detailed instructions regarding filing claims for damaged goods.

Visible Loss or Damage: Any external evidence of loss or damage must be noted on the freight bill of lading receipt and signed by the carriers agent. Failure to adequately describe such external evidence of loss or damage may result in the carrier refusing to honor a damage claim. The form required to file such a claim will be supplied by the carrier. Please do not return damaged products to us. We will not accept return shipments without written or verbal authorization.

Credits: Must be used within a 12-month period otherwise credits will be forfeited.