The right storage setup can save thousands of hours a year...

Posted by Michael Roche on Oct 17th 2022

For every business, there are hundreds of time sinks that eat employee hours, costing huge amounts of money over the course of a year. One of those is something so simple that it often goes completely unnoticed, let alone having anyone try and remedy it. Finding the right book, folder, PPE, piece of equipment, specific drug or any other physical object, is a constant struggle, and one that can lose. A recent business survey puts this lost time at between 15 and 30 minutes per day, per employee. That is thousands of hours a year finding what they need to do their jobs properly.

If you take the lower of that number, 15 minutes per day is over an hour a week, and as much as 60 hours every year for each employee, completely lost just looking for necessary equipment. That is a lot of money being left on the table, but there are some things we can do to help.

Getting Organized

There are many things we can do to avoid this massive loss of time and money, and at the heart of those responses is organization. Keeping all PPE an individual may need together in one place, in their own specific holders, can save valuable time, for instance. But in other areas too, pharmaceuticals need to be effectively organized in in refrigerated storage, other items can be kept in specific, individual storage solutions to suit their needs.

At Omnimed, we understand that simply having a place for everything is not enough, and our range of organizers covers everything from secure wall storage to digital locking storage for pharmaceuticals, as well as purpose built secure storage for refrigerators and a wide choice of other specialized storage solutions. Each is designed with ease of use in mind, offering wide opening doors for easy visibility along with broad range of internal organization to ensure everything remains accessible. Our PPE dispensing solutions keep all your protective needs in a single space too to save time.

Improved Stock Control

In addition to improving productivity by eliminating time wasted looking for essential equipment, our solutions also allow for improved stock control too. Many of our storage solutions provide at-a-glance stick assessment, ensuring that refill can be carried out before products are used up, again reducing loss of time and improving efficiency.

A good storage system is an investment in your business that can boost productivity and save money. The Omnimed storage range has something for every storage need and with careful choice of components, allows you to craft a completely tailored storage solution to suit any space.