The Wall Desk You May Not Have Thought of for Your Medical Office

The Wall Desk You May Not Have Thought of for Your Medical Office

Posted by Michael Roche on Mar 16th 2020

Medical offices come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes space can get cramped. A parent may try to maneuver a stroller into a room, hitting various devices on the way. Or, an individual in a wheelchair tries to find the right spot. There are different ways in which medical professionals can maximize on space, and one of them is to invest in a Wall Desk.

A Wall Desk is exactly what it sounds like: a desk on the wall. The device looks like a flat panel against the wall, and the front portion folds out to create a desk and shelf. They are heavy duty and you will not have to worry about your laptop or other items falling off of the wall along with the desk. The Wall Desk can be placed at any height, which means you can either stand or sit while working or referencing reports and patient history. Rather than having to bend down or sit each time you need to stop by the desk, you can place it higher and in a more convenient position. Often less than two feet long, the Wall Desk is a major benefit for any doctor’s office, even if there is an existing larger desk. A doctor or nurse can always move a laptop or paperwork to standing height on the Wall Desk for more convenience and faster accessibility.

Many times, doctors and nurses are in and out of the rooms in which patients wait. Some professionals lack a sense of security because of the devices and sensitive information present in the room or on the computer. Many wall desks include a lock when folded up, so a professional can close and secure the desk before leaving the room.

Rather than having to use a separate device, a computer monitor can be mounted to the wall portion of the desk, so when the desk opens up, the monitor is right there and ready to use. The keyboard and mouse function separately and are stored on the shelf portion of the Wall Desk. This makes the desk even more compact. Some desks also come with entry ports for cables in order to stay more organized. Finally, other desks include shelving, which makes it easier to store items like pens and notepads. Wall desks are available with various options and are a helpful addition to any medical office.