Standard 4" Exam Room Status & Signal Flag System (7 Flag)

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Omnimed room identification systems are made of durable powder coated aluminum and hold 1-12 flags per unit. Available in 12 different sets, our flags promote efficient operations by providing a clear visual signal for staff. These non-electrical units are quiet to operate and can rotate 180 degrees. This flag system comes with 4 inch flags that can be inverted to reverse their color order. The position and color of the signal flags can be used to designate which doctor is inside or status of each room (occupied, ready for clean-up, patient ready for lab or X-rays, etc)...Simply flick the appropriate flag as you enter or leave a room and the entire staff knows its status.


• Durable powder coated aluminum
• Quiet non-electrical movement
• 7 vibrant colors (Lavender, Black, White, Turquoise, Grey, Red & Yellow)
• 180 degree rotation
• Invert flags to reverse color order