Types of Safety Seals and Their Advantages:

Posted by MIchael Roche on Nov 2nd 2020

            Security is the topmost priority of everyone for the storage and safety of valuable goods. Today's increasing concerns about terrorism, robbery, and stealing can upset you. Well, you might be practicing "locking" of the cabinets and equipment. But safety seal is a useful tool to detect or deter any unauthorized access, tampering, or even theft. However, it would be best to choose a safety seal according to your needs and requirements.

Depending on your kind of equipment or goods, you may select different types of seals. You can't choose a one-size-fits safety seal. Where to find them? Don't worry. We will guide you to the different kinds of safety seals and the most reliable online company to buy them. There are many types of security seals, along with their advantages. Let's have a look at them:

Plastic safety seals:

Fixed length-length seals are the most vital type of plastic safety seals with breaking strength of 80 to 120lbs. If you are concerned about your cargo's security, safety, and readability, plastic numbered seals a viable option for you. Besides, these plastic seals work wonder for securing your load for a truck shipment.

The plastic safety seals are available with a tracking number or without a tracking number. Other than this, you won't worry about the functionality as they work in all weather. Another advantage is the plastic numbered truck seals are economical and inexpensive. These seals are an excellent option when price or cost is a concern.

Plastic pull-tight seals:

Although pull-tight seals are similar to fixed-length seals; they are available in a wide variety of breaking strength. It's interesting to know that pull-tight seals have a unique tracking number, but you can break them without any tool. Along with this, you can check a visual sign regarding unauthorized access to your cabinets. Plastic pull-tight seals are useful for sealing medical equipment, boxes with damaging chemicals, cash bags, fire extinguishers, and vehicle's door. They are also inexpensive in terms of cost.

Padlock seals:

padlock security seals are small but are extremely easy to use. They are highly useful for the security of boxes, carts, medical equipment, and doors. You may think, how can a small thing provide high protection? The padlock seals' strength increases when the seal tights. Besides, a plastic padlock seal is a good option for securing first aid kits, zipper bags, and beverage carts. While the wire padlock seal is a worthy choice for securing drums and meters.

Strip safety seals:

Strip safety seals resemble pull-tight seals, but they have almost nine different locking positions. Besides, they are highly recommended for the security of electricity budget and tools. You may lock the electricity board of your house and be free of safety concerns.

ID band or seal:

The interim identification band is different from the rest. It's specifically used for identifying the patient. You may use these bands for an emergency, disaster condition, and outdoor patient. Moreover, ID bands help for accurate identification of the patient in any setting. Omnimed has all these types of seals at a highly reasonable price. Check them out.

Advantages of Security Seals:


Safety seals are a fantastic option for protecting your essential storage and transporting items. They are playing an integral role in securing your goods. Furthermore, the unique imprinted tracking number helps to find any vandalism.

Easy installation

Safety seals are super easy to install. To install them, you need to pull one end of the tie into the other end. That's it. You will be free of complex installation techniques for other safety methods. Besides, safety seals are available in varying colors and lengths. You may choose them for your use, including storage containers, pharmacy cabinets, and boxes.

Unique for identification

Safety seals come with a unique tracking number. It helps to protect from any tempering. Once you install a seal, nobody can damage it. You will cut the seal to remove it. Moreover, safety seals are available in customized designs and logos. You can easily detect any unauthorized access.

Final Words:

Safety seals and ID bands are the best options to reduce the hustle of safety issues. If you want an inexpensive but reliable safety option, safety seals are made for you. You need not look anywhere else. The easy-to-install feature of these seals adds an extra factor to buy them. Where to find a variety of security seals? Omnimed is providing a wide range of safety seals in different colors, sizes, and materials. Our honest guide will help you choose the best for you. You won't regret checking them. Happy shopping!