Omnimed’s Top 10 Wall Mounted Desks- The Perfect Fit for Your New Home Office

Posted by Michael Roche on Aug 17th 2020

With the recent Covid-19 virus millions of Americans have moved from the office to cramped, made at the last minute “Home offices”. Just because you may now have a small space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t have a comfortable, safe, and ergonomic area to work in! Moving your office into a home with limited space isn’t the end of the world. Omnimed is here to help with our ergonomic wall desks that can be installed in any room and provide a sturdy surface that not only can be used for work but can be used for a small table, or a storage cabinet.

We offer 15 different wall desk and floating desk options, from the simple plastic mini wall desk to our ultra-modern E-lock protected mounted wall desk. These low-profile desks only protrude 4 inches from the wall when closed and can be used in a standing or sitting position pre-drilled holes have been added for easy mounting. Our wall desks are American made and include an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Wall Mounted Folding Desk

(1) Standard Aluminum Wall Mounted Folding Desk

This American made aluminum wall desk is lightweight at only (9 Pounds) yet has a holding capacity of 35 pounds! This unit only protrudes three inches from the wall once closed and can be used in a standing or sitting position. The front panel offers an oversized work surface that smoothly opens and closes with sturdy metal folding hinges. Paperwork can be organized and secured in the two integrated pocket compartments on the back panel of the desk and the two mounted clips on the top compartment hold items securely and within immediate reach.

(2) Mini Wall Desk

Omnimed’s mini wall desks are constructed of sturdy American made off-white powder-coated steel. Designed for little spaces, these enticing mini desks provide a convenient place to hold tablets or charts during examinations. The fold-down desk door features a gas spring to ensure smooth opening and closing and includes 2 small shelves.

(3) Slimline Floating WallDesk/Workstation

Our Slimline wall desks comply with local, state, and federal ADA regulations (The unit is 3” Wide). They’re constructed of American made powder-coated steel and available in beige or grey. The slimline wall desk was designed to supply a compact and economical work area where space is limited. Equipped with flat key lock security, slim line desks will accommodate charts up to 2.5” wide.

(4) Compact Informatics Wall Desk

Our compact informatics wall desk is designed to accommodate a combined monitor, desktop, and keyboard. Added ventilation holes allow for the installation of an exhaust fan for cooling. The front panel smoothly opens, and closes using an adjustable gas cylinder and features a flat key lock for security.

(5) Turntable Laptop Wall Desk

The laptop computer wall desk is made of heavy gauge American made steel that is powder coated for a durable and easy to clean finish. Designed to adapt to user position, the laptop turntable plate rotates 360 degrees and locks in a front-facing position. The front panel smoothly opens, and closes using an adjustable gas cylinder and features a flat key lock for security.

(6) FloatingMini Wall Mounted Desk with E-Lock

Our mini floating desk with E-Lock provides a sturdy, compact, and convenient workspace in any atmosphere. These low-profile desks only protrude four inches from the wall once closed and can be utilized in a standing or sitting position. The front panel offers an oversized work surface that smoothly opens and closes on strong metal folding hinges our modern flush mounted E-Lock can store up to 5 concurrent user codes for easy and fast access without keys.

(7) Recessed Informatics Workstation

Omnimed’s recessed IT workstation accommodates a large assortment of Thin Client, All-In-One, and mini PCs and only protrudes 2” from the wall! Variable height monitor mounting with 75mm/100mm VESA standards will accommodate up to 19” monitors. Programmable push button lock with auto security mechanism. Fold-down tray with ample area for keyboard and mouse. Modern gas cylinder with closure adjustment for smooth and safe access to the keyboard tray compartment.

(8) Insight Work Center

Omnimed’s IT work center has a larger 4” depth to accommodate a large assortment of Thin Client, All-In-One and mini PC's. American made and includes a 5-year warranty our wall desk is made for the long-term. Fold down tray with ample area for keyboard and mouse.

(9) Omni Wall/Under Counter Mounted Workstation & Shelf

Our next generation of wall-mounted workstations. The sturdy, cost-efficient, and rustproof drawer ensures it will work in all conditions. Our unit works great both under work surfaces and as a stand-alone wall mounted desk. Units may be used indoors or out. The 1/8” aluminum provides additional security than standard acrylic styles.

(10) EliteInformatic Wall Desk In Cherry Trim

The Omnimed premier workstations are constructed of beige powder coated heavy gauge steel with an attractive wood frame in Cherry or Oak. The fold down door provides a large workspace and has a gas cylinder for smooth and adjustable closures. The programmable push button lock with automatic security ensures that all contents remain safe. The interior area has mounting plates for up to an 19" monitor and can accommodate various PC models. The unit is designed to manage Cabling with multiple entry ports and a large bottom area for cable storage. Side vents and an 18-cfm exhaust fan aid in heat dispersal. The station measures 25 1/8 H x 31 3/4 W x 6 D and comes with a 5-year warranty on the desk and 1 year on the gas spring and lock.

Wall desks are convenient and stylish

Omnimed’s wall desk brings convenience and unlimited advantages to your home or office. When fitted at home, it helps you save on space while at the same time adding a stylish modern look. Many people consider a wall desk better than traditional bulky furniture. Furthermore, a wall desk is cheaper than traditional office furniture. Another added advantage is that you can fold up the desk and get more space whenever needed.