Effective Communication and Workflow with Omnimed Exam Room Flags

Effective Communication and Workflow with Omnimed Exam Room Flags

Posted by Michael Roche on Jun 22nd 2020

Communication is vital in any establishment, whether verbal or non-verbal. Organizations invest in communication systems that ensure there is a constant flow of information to the intended participants. Some information gets coded to ensure that only the intended audience gets to understand it. A useful communication tool and system will keep operations of an establishment efficiently flowing. The case is no different from a medical facility. It would be best to keep your medical staff informed at every stage as they go about their activities. You cannot do this with word of mouth every time; it becomes tiring and cumbersome. The type of communication required in a medical facility necessitates the need for exam room flags. They are a must-have in a hospital and other places that use color codes for communication. It is vital to understand how to settle on the ideal one with a plethora of exam room flags currently in the market. Otherwise, you will end up with a product that doesn’t deliver value for your cash. This article brings you the best that you can get in the market.

Omnimed Custom Color Exam Room Flag Systems (1-16 Flags)


  • The flag system is durable as the aluminum is powder-coated.
  • It is silent in operation as its movement is non-electrical
  • You get a wide range of vibrant colors of up to 16
  • The flags rotate up to 180 degrees
  • You can reverse the order of colors by inverting the flags.

Patients and visitors to your medical facility can also benefit from the use of the flag system. Proper labeling on the flags will see them easily find direction around your establishment.

Exam room flags from Omnimed enhance your existing signaling system for effective communication. You have the leeway to choose your custom colors when ordering the flag system. No matter your operation needs, the Omnimed brand has you covered with a rich choice of colors. Besides, the Omnimed exam room flags allow you to color code and print directives on each flag. By so doing, your staff will efficiently receive communication.

With a mere glance on the flags, your staff will be able to tell the status of a patient without necessarily asking. Besides, efficient workflow is guaranteed as the flags can quickly show the room status. With Omnimed flags, it is easy to tell when the room is occupied, when it is being used for an x-ray, and when it is due for a cleaning. Your staff is guided accordingly.

Not only do the Omnimed exam room flags enhance communication flow in your establishment but also contribute to the general aesthetics. They are a pleasure to look at as they convey information. What’s more? Configuration of your preferred color sequence when ordering, is also possible. Your preferred colors can appear in any order of your choice.

In conclusion, the orderliness in your medical establishment largely depends on the flow of information. Adequate and well-coded signals with the use of flag systems are your top bet. After all, your hospital requires minimal or no noise levels. You can achieve that by ordering them at www.omnimedstore.com