Cubicle Curtains- The hospital privacy guard

Posted by Michael Roche on Aug 3rd 2020

Cubicle curtains, or privacy curtains are ideal for hospital patient rooms, clinics, nursing homes, educational and other facility environments where there is the need to provide the patient’s with privacy and some comfort. A curtain cubicle is made of a piece or pieces of fabric and is like a curtain and can be drawn or withdrawn at will. These curtains are useful for patients who change clothing and as medical security. Shockingly a 2008 Study showed 42% of cubicle curtains hanging in hospitals across the U.S. were shown to be contaminated with VRE, 22% with MRSA, and 4% with Clostridium Difficile. Therefore, Omnimed uses the swap and snap curtain system which allows our curtains to removed and cleaned, all our fabrics are inherently flame retardant as well! Anti-microbial, eco-friendly, and stain resistant fabrics are available based on the requirements of any given project.

Hospital Curtains

What is the importance of cubicle curtains?

A patient’s well-being has a lot to do with the services and treatments offered with-in the hospital, cubicle curtains play an important role in the mix. Medical practitioners are faced with diverse choices and dilemmas while handling a patient and so proper coordination is essential. Being in a hospital environment is without its ups and downs. Many hospitals and clinics use Omnimed’s curtain track systems in patient or emergency rooms (Providing critical privacy and blockage of any bloodily fluids). Curtain track have even made their way into homes as many individual’s use them to add privacy for a loved one, to cover a bay window or sliding glass door, or divide a room for additional workspace.

Cubicle curtain design

As you have read above today’s cubicle curtains are ergonomically designed for use in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and even in the home. The design of cubicle curtains has also improved with increasing fashion sense. Years ago, most if not all of fabric was of a solid texture; however, with increasing development, this has changed. The curtains are now made of various designs and colors. With Omnimed’s swap and snap system you can save time and money, panels are attached with an easy snap system, allowing for the replacement of only soiled panels, not the entire curtain. This avoids the need to remove the mesh and the potential for hanging the wrong curtain size. Omnimed has developed and manufactured premium products that improve workplace safety, employee efficiency and patient security for over 45 years. We manufacture and distribute all our products from our beautiful home in Moorestown, NJ.