The Importance Of Ergonomics

The Importance Of Ergonomics

Posted by Michael Roche on Sep 28th 2022

Being comfortable at work is important, and we all know how it can benefit us by avoiding various aches and pains. From back and neck pain to shoulder problems, sitting in the wrong position can cause a variety of muscular issues, which is why the range of Omnimed's Ergonomic Computer Transport Stands have proven so popular.

But there are other, less obvious benefits for employers and employees in using flexible working solutions like those mobile computer stands. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy.

Increased mental focus

Having an ergonomic workspace eases the tension in muscles and avoids pain, but it can have a direct impact on working ability too. Through increased blood flow, elimination of pain and other distractions, a mobile computer stand, or any of our ergonomic equipment solutions, can improve mental focus too.

Workers are more alert, less stressed and enjoy increased awareness. You will also find that mood improves overall too, in addition to that improved focus, this means higher levels of performance that benefits all.

Higher productivity

Following on from that increased focus, mood and other benefits, as a result employees become more engaged with the work they are doing, and that leads to higher productivity. Employees who are relaxed and comfortable simply get more done, and that is better for everyone.

Increased productivity is not just about improved profitability wither, in high pressure environments such as healthcare, it means a better patient experience too. That could mean less pain or worry for a patient, which is the best outcome possible.

A safer work environment

With employees no longer dealing with aches and pains from muscle issues, being more focused and alert, with improved awareness and higher engagement with their work, that increased productivity naturally follows. There is another benefit of all that though, and that is simply a safer space for everyone.

With workers more focused and aware, potential issues are much more likely to be spotted, and that makes for a safer place to work for everyone. Minor accidents can lead to injuries of all kinds, and with that costly care, employees losing time at work and all the issues that can cause for employers too. With mobile computer stands and other ergonomic equipment solutions, you can create a safer place for your whole team.


Beyond the obvious health benefits of avoiding muscle issues, EMR Carts and other equipment and desk solutions from Omnimed can have a positive impact on so many aspects of work today.

Many employers fail to realize these impressive benefits, and why investing in ergonomic work aids can lead to improved productivity and more. Ergonomic equipment can make a huge change for both employers and employees, and in the case of healthcare, even positively impact the patient experience. All it takes is to adopt ergonomic working, such as with our mobile computing stands, to see impressive changes compared to traditional desk options.