Protect Your Back!

Protect Your Back!

Posted by Michael Roche on Nov 7th 2022

Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of health absences for employees of all kinds. In fact, in the United States, there have been a large number of studies on the cost of back pain, such is the frequency of its occurrence in the workplace. The American Chiropractic Association has estimated that US businesses lose around 264 million workdays every year because of the issue. That is a staggering amount of time lost, and a just as frightening financial cost too.

The problem is that it is very easy to injure the back in a modern workplace. While there are obvious risks with lifting equipment, where incorrect technique can cause problems over time even in situations where the weight involved doesn’t seem a problem, there are other dangers too. Our bodies are designed to react to the routines we put it through, and in a modern workplace where employees can spend a number of hours a day at a desk or screen in unnatural positions, that reaction can be a negative one.

The result, lower back and shoulder/neck pain, which can quickly impact the individual’s ability to work effectively and consistently. These problems can creep up on anyone without really noticing until it is a painful issue that restricts their ability to work, and with it the suffering and cost. We must always be aware of these issues and seek to create work environments that avoid those repetitive, harmful positions, possible strain through lifting and so on.

Creating safe Workspaces

That is not always easy, when working under pressure the last thing most of us think about is how we are doing something, we tend to focus on what we are doing instead. That is why Omnimed have created products to help with this issue. From Standing desks to power lifters, desk organizers and more Omnimed provide the tools to make the workplace a better one for back health.

Power lifters specifically designed for surgical areas avoid anyone having to strain to elevate blood filtration systems and other equipment, while standing desks help change posture to a more natural position and prevent that negative reaction to poor posture over a prolonged period.

Even with the right equipment though, education and guidance are crucial. Many people won’t even realize they are putting their own health in danger at work, regular reminders and a policy of diligence with all aspects of healthy work practices are just as important in avoiding this problem. While we have discussed how badly businesses lose out to back pain, it is just as important to remember that each hour that is lost is also someone being in pain.

We can minimize the risks and ensure that every work environment encourages a healthy approach to work tasks that avoids falling into behaviors that cause such problems.