How to Choose the Right Glove Dispensers

How to Choose the Right Glove Dispensers

Posted by Michael Roche on Sep 22nd 2022

Various glove dispensers are used in many industries. Dispensers allow staff easy access to protective equipment. In addition, the glove dispenser allows enough space to promote cleanliness and safety. Hands are the most valuable and most used tools in the workplace. Therefore, choosing suitable gloves is essential to protect these items from workplace hazards. Also, make sure your employees are wearing gloves at all times. Unfortunately, workers are often unaware of hand protection requirements and rarely choose suitable gloves. In many cases, the wrong glove is chosen for the job, risking worker injury and reduced productivity. Here are some factors to consider before choosing the proper glove dispensers.


Maintaining a safe stockpile is essential to comply with infection control regulations in high-traffic areas such as emergency rooms, operating rooms, and trauma centers, where the use of examination gloves is mandatory. Typically, hospitals with a large staff should choose quad or triple box exam glove dispensers for different sizes. In addition, disposable gloves should be available at all times throughout the facility. One of the easiest ways to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Ensure gloves are always accessible to your employees with a glove dispenser.

Glove thickness

Thickness is another factor to consider. Thicker gloves offer better protection and tear resistance than thinner gloves. It allows you to use thicker gloves and wear them for more extended periods. However, thicker gloves can produce less tactile sensitivity, which is not always a good idea. You can select. Mils are used to quantify glove thickness.

How many individuals are in your facility?

Knowing the exact number of workers working in your workplace is essential before taking a step toward accessing these gloves dispensers. In addition, you must have the correct number to know the kind and type of gloves dispenser needed.


Glove dispensers have various mounting options. Some dispensers have a bi-directional keyhole design that allows for two mounting options, allowing you to mount the dispenser vertically or horizontally. The dispenser may also include a suction cup to allow attachment to a glass surface. Many dispensers can be wall mounted, but they can also be placed on a counter or tabletop to keep your glove box cleaner and increase glove use in your facility.

Nature of your workplace

What is the nature of your workplace? Have basic information on the kind of issues affecting your workplace. It will assist a client in knowing what exactly to purchase. For example, if the nature of the workplace is high or low in humidity, you can easily purchase suitable glove dispensers.


Glove durability is the last thing to consider when purchasing. Buying gloves in bulk ensures that you always have them on hand, but you can also leave them unused for a while. Glove materials have the most significant impact on durability. Vinyl and latex gloves don't last as long as nitrile gloves. Accurately record how long the gloves have been stored and always check the manufacturer's specifications. Choosing the correct type of glove for your specific needs is essential. You should be aware of the differences between different types of disposable gloves. Different types of gloves differ in construction, thickness, and tear strength. They are also manufactured to perform various functions.