Healthcare Support Products

Healthcare Support Products

Posted by Michael Roche on Oct 4th 2022

Hospitals must be equipped to handle every situation that may arise. The provision of comprehensive treatment depends on having essential medical equipment on hand at all times. There is a standard set of tools that all hospitals should be prepared with in order to offer patients full care. Here are a few:

Exam Room Flags

Exam Room Flags are placed outside patient rooms to serve as a visual message to doctors and nurses about the next stage in the patient care process. Some hospitals, for example, utilize flag colors to indicate the following status:

  • Room occupied (Red)
  • Room ready (Green)
  • Nurse required (Blue)
  • Fall Risk (Yellow)
  • X-Ray (Black)
  • Room occupied (Red)

Based on your pick, you may design your own facility's signaling system by selecting from the industry's largest collection of Exam Room Flag colors, styles, and lengths at the OmniMed Store. Additionally, we can make personalized medical door flags with any combination of design, color, and flag length as well as custom text printing to aid convey patient status instructions.

Refrigerator Lock Box Storage

Cold storage units are essential for keeping medications and vaccines safe in pharmacies, hospitals, and labs. Appliances like refrigerator lock box storage provide the ideal environment for extending the shelf life of useful medications.

Medical facilities shouldn't utilize freezers and refrigerators that don't follow CDC standards. The CDC restricts the storage of vaccinations in dormitory-style freezers because these appliances have inconsistent temperature changes and can cause vaccines to freeze.

Vaccines should be stored in a medical-grade refrigerator or freezer intended to retain biological items, according to the Immunization Action Coalition. These refrigerators won't be accessed as frequently by employees during the day because they don't contain food.

Another benefit of some medical-grade freezers with glass doors. The Omnimed Store's Refrigerator Lock Box Storages enable health care professionals to identify products inside before opening the door. As a result of the door being open less frequently, the temperature of the unit is maintained.

Glove Dispensers

Glove dispensers are intended to provide easy and accessible access to disposable gloves, which are necessary for hospitals or medical premises. Here at Omnimed, you'll discover an excellent range of glove dispensers. If your company uses disposable gloves often, our glove box holders are the right answer since they provide users with a compact and clean way to store and dispense surgical gloves.

Mobile Computer Stands

Finding the correct mobile computer cart and workstation for your organization might be difficult owing to the wide variety of options. While each institution has its own set of demands, there are generally wards and units inside each structure that have their own. Ultimately, it comes down to your pick.

When acquiring a mobile workstation, it is critical to contact a professional who can educate you on the many alternatives available and how they may help your employees and patients. Omnimed can assist you in selecting mobile computer stands that provide the greatest ergonomic solution while also fitting in with the operation of your patient care facility.

Phlebotomy Cart

Make blood draws easier for both patients and caregivers. Caretakers may swiftly execute draws, transfusions, and other procedures with this Omnimed phlebotomy cart solution, which puts vials and sharps within arm's reach and at a height that is most comfortable for them. The laptop cart's convenient documentation allows phlebotomists to focus on patient care. Our phlebotomy cart is intended to store everything you need in one movable area, making it useful for caregivers and patients alike.

Splash Guards

Omnimed's splash guards are intended to serve as bio-hazard shields, creating a distinct safety barrier between laboratory staff and bio-hazardous items. The shields lean back at an angle for convenient viewing, and the deep base accommodates test tube racks, pipettes, and other equipment.