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At Omnimed we take pride in being a manufacturer of healthcare equipment and medical clinic supplies that allow clinics, hospitals, and primary care providers to optimize their office space from the waiting rooms to the exam rooms to the front desk. Why have we chosen to manufacture medical office equipment? Well, to put it simply, we see the inherent need for medical care providers to more easily manage their equipment during times of stress and crisis in an efficient and safe manner.

One of the best ways that a medical facility can optimize its operations and space is to employ a better organizational system — something that a great majority of our products are designed to do. One of the most important areas for any medical clinic or treatment facility to organize is the exam room — as healthcare professionals must quickly and carefully assess patients while also determining treatment options. One of the medical appliances that we have manufactured to optimize exam room organization is our suture racks of varying sizes and capabilities.

Why Does Your Facility’s Exam Rooms Need Suture Racks?

Suture racks are a medical equipment solution that is a beneficial tool for any medical facility’s exam rooms and treatment rooms. But how would your medical facility benefit from suture racks?


As we have already stressed in the above content, the organization of medical products is extremely important for medical facilities — and you likely know that being a part of one yourself. That being said, it is the responsibility of the medical facility to seek out innovative medical equipment that allows them to optimize their organizational efforts. While suture racks are not a glamorous medical office equipment innovation, they are an extremely functional asset to any medical facility exam room. When patients come to medical facilities like urgent cares or hospitals with lacerations, they expect quick treatment that stops the bleeding and allows for proper healing — a treatment that is often sutured. When a healthcare provider is providing care to a patient they need to be able to quickly access the correct suture for the wound without having to fumble through a drawer or cabinet. By installing an Omnimed suture rack on your wall you will be able to provide your staff with quick and organized access to the sutures that they need to treat their patients.


While the organization of medical products is an important aspect in ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly at your medical facility, it is not nearly as important as safety — after all, the patients are coming you to seek treatment, not become more injured. That being said, medical facilities are exposed to a multitude of bacterias and viruses on a daily basis as people come to the facility seeking treatment, leaving behind their germs. Because of this, medical facilities such as your own spend a great deal of time cleaning, ensuring that surfaces are sanitized and safe. What does a suture rack from Omnimed have to do with safety and cleanliness?  

By mounting medical office equipment like suture racks to the wall, not only are you creating more storage space on countertops and in cabinets, but you are also ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your sutures — a medical product that can at no point be medically compromised. If you are interested in optimizing your sanitation efforts we strongly suggest you browse our medical office equipment solutions like our suture racks.


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If you are seriously interested in optimizing the flow, organization, and ability to maintain sanitary conditions in your medical facility, we strongly suggest that you consider shopping our large inventory of medical office equipment and medical products online.

Our suture racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can fit the space accommodations of any exam room. Offering single tier, double tier, and triple tier, our suture racks can hold anywhere from six to 18 different sutures, allowing for you to provide easy accessibility to a large variety of sizes and strength of sutures.

If you have any questions about our medical office equipment and medical equipment online we urge you to contact us and ask. Our entire collection of medical equipment solutions are designed to help you optimize your medical facility. Browse our inventory today!