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Here at Omnimed, we are a medical equipment manufacturer and hospital equipment supplier of products ranging from medical furniture to medical appliances to medical equipment solutions like medical glove box holders. The medical products that we sell online are specifically designed for one purpose — to benefit medical facilities such as your own. Our medical equipment solutions, including our medical glove box holders, are designed to organize medical products, optimize the amount of functional space in your medical facility, and aid in your endeavor to maintain a sanitary work environment.

What Is A Medical Glove Box Holder?

While it may seem as if it is simply — because of the name and all — medical glove box holders can come in many shapes, sizes, and functions. Traditionally, medical glove box holders were a simple tray with edges that could allow for a medical professional to pull gloves out of the package in a sanitary way while only using one hand. At Omnimed, we decided that this was not enough and began to manufacture medical glove box holders that are mounted on the wall. We chose to manufacture this medical equipment solution for a few reasons. The first reason we began manufacturing wall-mounted medical glove box holders was that it allows for a more functional use of counter space, and the second reason was that placing the gloves on the wall it allows for an easier glove dispensing experience. The internet is saturated with medical glove box holders, so how do you choose what glove box holder to purchase for your medical facility?

Considerations For Purchasing Medical Glove Box Holders

While it may seem unnecessary to take the time to consider what medical equipment manufacturer to purchase your medical glove box holders from, it is an extremely important consideration — after all, when you order in bulk for your medical facility, the price may add up. Below, we have listed a few of the most important considerations that we would recommend you consider when purchasing glove box holders in bulk.


One of the primary purposes of a medical glove box holder is to help promote a sanitary environment. If a medical glove box holder can securely store the glove box, the medical professional no longer has to pick up, and hold, the box every time that they need a pair of gloves. Instead, they can simply grab the gloves that they intend on using and retrieve them without touching the box. But why does this matter? It is no secret that hospitals are full of germs from the sick patients that they intend to treat. Because of this, it is important to minimize any potential for pathogen travel. To get a better idea of how our medical glove box holders can help promote a more sanitary work environment, we urge you to view our products!

Saves Gloves

In addition to facilitating a sanitary work environment, medical glove box holders prove to be a beneficial tool in reducing glove waste. If you have ever tried to pull a pair of gloves from a box, you probably understand how easy that it can be to accidentally pull out more than you had intended to — and once a glove has been removed from its packaging, it can no longer be considered sterile. By utilizing medical office equipment like the Omnimed medical glove box holder, you can more carefully pull out the number of gloves that you intended as the glove box holder firmly supports the box around its opening. To view our medical glove box holders, click here.  



As is the case with a great number of our medical office equipment, our medical glove box holders are an excellent storage and organizational tool. By mounting a glove box holder to the walls of your examination rooms, you can store multiple boxes of gloves on the wall, freeing up the valuable cabinet and drawer space. Additionally, by utilizing a larger glove box holder from Omnimed you can provide access to multiple glove sizes and material types with ease.


Arguably the most important consideration that should be made when shopping for medical glove box holders is the accessibility that the piece of medical office equipment will provide to your staff. As we stated previously, storing glove boxes on the wall can free up valuable cabinet space, but what is arguably more important is the ease of access to medical gloves that it provides for the medical professional. If you are interested in optimizing your medical facility exam rooms in a way that allow for your staff to more freely move about the room while also providing easy access to medical materials like gloves, we strongly suggest that you view our medical glove box holders today.

Omnimed — Your Source Of Medical Office Equipment

If you are looking for medical equipment solutions that can aid in organization, sanitation, and accessibility, look no further than the Omnimed store. We sell medical products online like medical glove box holders that provide real solutions to medical professionals.

Our medical glove box holders come in a wide variety of sizes, holding anywhere from one to four boxes of gloves at a time. Additionally, our medical glove box holders can be purchased in plasticwiremetal, or acrylic materials, meeting the specific demands of your medical facility. If you are interested in our glove box holders, be sure to visit our online store today.

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