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At Omnimed, we are dedicated to producing medical office equipment ranging from medical furniture to advanced medical equipment. Our products equipmedical facilities ranging from small family medicine practices to large medical facilities like hospitals and urgent care clinics. All of our medical products online serve a valuable purpose within the medical industry, whether it be in such a way that streamlines the organization, operations, or security to the facility that integrates our medical equipment solutions.

One of the more common medical equipment solutions that we offer to the medical industry is our assortment of narcotic cabinet lock boxes.

What Is A Narcotic Cabinet Lock Box?

One of the most important things in a medical facility is security. Because hospitals stock, and hold, a large variety of controlled substances, it is required by national rules and regulations that harmful or potent substances are locked in secure locations so that they are only accessible by the medical professionals that understand how to properly dose and administer the substance.

While it is a necessity to control medicines and other viable substances under lock and key, it is also extremely important that medical professionals can quickly and efficiently access the substance in the event of an emergency situation. Because of this, it is imperative that substances can be securely stored in multiple locations within a medical facility rather than in one super-secure location. At Omnimed, we sell medical products online so that facilities such as your own can secure controlled and valuable substances by utilizing medical equipment solutions such as our narcotic cabinet lock boxes.

What To Look For In A Narcotic Cabinet Lock Box

As a medical facility and provider of healthcare, it is your primary objective to create, and maintain, a safe and secure environment that is conducive to quickly and effectively treating patients. In order to do so, it is imperative that you scrupulously research and compare narcotic cabinet lock boxes to install within your facilities so that you may optimize day to day operations. Below, your source of medical equipment solutions, Omnimed, has compiled a list of considerations that should be kept in mind when purchasing narcotic cabinet lock boxes.


When you are shopping for medical products online like medical cabinet lock boxes, it is important that you consider the size of the cabinet. Because these cabinets and lock boxes are usually used to conceal narcotics and other controlled substances that might be deemed dangerous in the hands of the wrong person, it is imperative that you purchase a narcotic cabinet lock box that is large enough to accommodate your storage needs. Additionally, because narcotic cabinets and lock boxes are meant to be installed in, or on the walls within your medical facility, it is important to consider the available wall space, and potential future locations for the narcotic cabinet lock boxes. To get a better idea of what other medical facilities are purchasing, view one of our most popular narcotic cabinet lock boxes.


Accessibility & Security

Another important consideration that should be made is the accessibility of the narcotic cabinet lock boxes that you wish to install within your medical facility. Due to the nature of the contents that are typically stored within narcotic cabinet lock boxes, it is important to purchase medical appliances that can be easily, and quickly, opened in the event of an emergency. On the other hand, a metal medicine cabinet should be able to be secure enough that while easy for a medical professional to open, it must be incapable of being opened by anyone that does not have the clearance to open it. When it comes to medical appliances like narcotic cabinets and lock boxes, no two cabinets are made alike, meaning it is important to choose a cabinet from a proven medical equipment manufacturer like Omnimed. Browse our medical cabinet lock boxes today.


Lastly, when you are shopping for advanced medical equipment like metal medicine cabinets and narcotic cabinet lock boxes it is extremely important to purchase the medical equipment solution that best meets the needs of your medical facility. Are you looking for a standard metal narcotic lock box to place inside your exam rooms in your facilities? If so, consider the amount of space you have in a single door narcotics cabinet that will fit in the anticipated location of installation. Are you looking for a narcotics cabinet that can be installed inside of the wall and accessed from multiple sides? Consider a Pass-Thru narcotic cabinet lock box. Lastly, do you have a controlled substance that you need to store that is perishable? If you need to lock up narcotics in the refrigerator, consider purchasing an acrylic refrigerator lock box. At Omnimed, our medical equipment solutions like narcotic cabinet lock boxes come in many shapes and sizes and functionalities. Browse our entire narcotic cabinet selection today to see more.

For Medical Office Equipment, Shop Omnimed

At Omnimed we manufacture medical equipment that can aid in the organization and streamlining of day to day operations for medical facilities like yours. Our medical equipment solutions like narcotic cabinet lock boxes are designed to safely store controlled substances in such a way that is secure, yet accessible to staff quickly if need be. To view our complete collection of narcotic cabinet lock boxes, we urge you to visit our online store.

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