Medical Equipment Solutions — Cubicle Curtains And Privacy Solutions


When it comes to medical facilities, it has taken hundreds of years to develop innovative new medical equipment solutions that allow for safer and more efficient day-to-day operations. Among these innovations is that of medical office equipment like cubicle curtains. At Omnimed, we manufacture a number of medical equipment solutions ranging from medical office equipment and supplies to complex medical appliances. Among our various products, cubicle curtains are among one of the more important medical office solutions. Why? Continue reading to learn more.

First things First, What Is A Cubicle Curtain?

When people think of cubicle curtains, they usually picture a normal curtain — not being able to picture how the curtain is turned into a cubicle. A cubicle curtain is used to surround an individual patient’s hospital bed, creating a small private enclosure in a large room. Cubicle curtains are usually mounted to a track on the ceiling of the medical facility so that they can quickly and efficiently be opened and closed. At Omnimed, we manufacture our cubicle curtains out of an assortment of different fabrics, as well as colors and styles. Browse our collection today!

Cubicle curtains are one of the many common types of medical equipment used in hospitals, but they are not limited to hospital use alone. Any larger room can utilize cubicle curtains to form extra examinations rooms. Below, we have listed a few of the major reasons that a cubicle curtain might be able to benefit your medical facility.


When a patient visits a medical facility, whether that be a hospital, urgent care, or family clinic, they are entitled to their privacy — regardless of the sensitivity of their injury or condition. Cubicle curtains allow for patients to have some sense of privacy when they are in a larger room with other patients.

Cubicle curtains are the perfect opportunity for medical facilities that are looking for cost-effective methods of creating privacy for their patients. In addition to being cost-effective, cubicle curtains are also easy to install and move around, making them an excellent long-term investment for any practice. Browse our cubicle curtains today to shop our various styles and materials.


Privacy is one of the greatest concerns for a medical care provider is privacy, but close after is that of optimizing facility space. For small to medium practices that are looking to grow, there is a period of time when they will try and grow their patient book to a larger size than their facility can handle simple so that they can make enough money to justify moving to a larger facility.

If your medical practice finds itself in the above situation, might we make a suggestion? You need more examination rooms, but you cannot afford a new facility yet. So why not just build your own temporary examination rooms in a common area where you can conduct exams that require minimal privacy — like basic blood pressure and temperature readings.



What is the most important concern of a medical facility beyond that of privacy and functional space? Safety. The benefit of cubicle curtains that is lesser-known than the rest is that of safety. Cubicle curtains are a great way to restrict the airborne movement of bacteria and viruses that might otherwise be spread by gusts of central air or heat. Cubicle curtains are truly a medical equipment solution that any medical facility could benefit from because of their various benefits, as well as their ability to be disinfected and reused.

Once the cubicle curtains have come in contact with potential bacteria or viruses, there are many ways to clean the cubicle curtains to ensure the safety of other patients and employees of the medical facility. Omnimed cubicle curtains can be washed by a professional cleaning company, sprayed down with a sanitizer, wiped down by hand, or treated using UV rays.

Purchase Your Cubicle Curtains From Omnimed Today!

If you own or manage a medical treatment facility like a hospital, urgent care, or family clinic and are in need of innovative medical solutions like cubicle curtain privacy systems, we urge you to visit our online store today. Our cubicle curtains are manufactured using the highest of quality textiles to ensure that they both restrict the movement of germs, as well as the longevity of the curtains lifetime. But what kind of curtains do we keep in stock?

Antibacterial - As a medical facility that intends on using cubicle curtains to “quarantine” an infected or sick person, it is imperative that you consider ordering curtains constructed from an antibacterial fabric.

Blackout - If you have a medical facility that is looking to optimize the space of a large room to create individual examination rooms, consider ordering our blackout cubicle curtains.

Custom - If you have a use for cubicle curtains that don't fit the normal standards of sizes, don't hesitate to contact us today! We would be happy to create custom curtains for you.     

Browse our extensive inventory of medical office equipment today and contact us if you have any questions.