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At Omnimed we offer a number of high-quality medical products online, ranging from exam room flags to medical furniture, as well as a number of other medical equipment solutions. Like other medical equipment manufacturers, we sell our medical equipment solutions for one reason and one reason only — so that your medical facility or practice can run both efficiently and effectively. In order to have a practice run at its optimal conditions, it is important that the staff and patients have access to tools that expedite the “medical visit” process. One way to improve the efficiency of your medical facility is to create an effective patient flow by utilizing medical office equipment like exam room flags.

What Is An Exam Room Flag?

An exam room flag is not a physical flag but is instead a market of sorts that can denote what point in the medical appointment process that a patient is currently at. An example of how this medical equipment solution works would be that of its use during the standard doctors' office visit. While each practice or facility might use different colors to represent different things, each color is meant to signify a particular step in the process. In one practice moving the green flag outwards might mean that the patient is still waiting to have their vitals taken, while a red flag means that their vitals have been taken and they are waiting to see the physician.

Why the exam room flagging systems might be used differently in individual medical facilities, they are meant for one thing — to streamline the patient flow within the medical facility, allowing for more people to be treated in a more efficient manner.  

What Should You Look For In An Exam Room Flag?

If your medical facility needs to optimize its day-to-day operations you're probably looking into medical flagging systems. But what should you be looking for in a medical exam room flag?


When shopping for medical products online, it is extremely important to carefully consider how the product would work within your own medical facility — and with exam room flags, it is no different. One of the largest issues that you must consider when shopping around for exam room flags is how clear, concise, and understandable they might be to your staff — after all, if they cannot understand the system that the exam room flags are meant to communicate, they have not worked correctly. At Omnimed, we offer a wide selection of exam room flag medical products online, allowing practices to order any number from one to 12 exam room flags per room. Depending on the complexity of your medical operations, you may need more or less exam room flagging. Check out our custom exam room flags online today.


With any medical office equipment, it is critical that you consider the quality of the equipment — as while yes, nice equipment costs more, it will last longer. Healthcare equipment should always be assessed for quality, as the quality of equipment will influence the general aesthetic of the office — especially when we are discussing exam room flagging. Exam room flags can be found online for quite cheap, with some companies selling flagging starting at one dollar, while others, such as ourselves, chose to focus on quality before price. At Omnimed, we construct our exam room flags from powder-coated aluminum to ensure that they will stand the test of time in your medical office facility. If you are considering installing a medical exam room flagging system in your medical facility, we urge you to consider viewing our products!

Ease Of Use

Last, but certainly not least, a medical exam room flag system should be easy to use. No, we don’t mean in the sense of being easy to physically move, but we mean in the sense that the staff of your medical facility can easily understand the exam room flag meanings. Exam room flagging is a medical equipment solution that is meant to communicate the medical process to the staff, meaning if the system that you implement is confusing to your staff, it has failed its purpose. One of the most common misconceptions is that common medical equipment used in hospitals like exam room flagging is all used in the same way. In fact, most practices and medical facilities have their own meanings associated with each flag, only sharing subtle nuances with the rest of the industry. So if your office only has four steps in the patient flow process, only purchase exam room flagging in sets of four. If your facility has a more complex system, get more flags, but is important to ensure that their use does not become too complex — thus negating their purpose. Be sure to check out our variety of exam room flags to see what would be the best fit for your facility today.


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At Omnimed we manufacture medical products ranging from medical furniture to advanced medical equipment that allows medical facilities to operate functionally. Medical exam room flags are one of the most important medical equipment solutions that a facility could possibly implement, and we strongly suggest you view our flagging systems if you have not already done so. We offer both standard, and custom, exam room flags. 

If you have any questions about our medical exam room flags or any of our other medical products online, we urge you to get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping optimize your medical facility with our innovative medical products.