Enhanced Omni Phlebotomy Cart With 5" Casters

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Our most popular phlebotomy cart has been updated to meet your ergonomic demands with an extended, angled handle that eliminates the need to bend or hunch as you push. Excellent for taller phlebotomists, this new addition to the Omni Cart family promotes proper posture and minimizes potential back and shoulder strain. Unit includes 2 year warranty.


•        New and improved: aluminum base structure, enhanced modularity for customization
•        Extended, angled handle eliminates bending and hunching over while pushing the cart
•        Ergonomic design promotes superior posture and reduces back and shoulder strain
•        42” overall height makes the Cart ideal for taller users
•        Maximum storage variety and capacity
•        Industry-recognized rugged 5” casters for quality and durability
•        Modular rail system allows users to arrange components to meet their needs
•        Centralized keyed lock for drawers and door
•        Large work surface has an integrated lip to keep items on the cart
•        Unit Weighs 74 pounds and Measures 25.75"W X 19"D X 42" H